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Sylvia McCluskey has been an avid wordsmith and natural copy editor from an early age. Her love of language, intense detail orientation, and methodical approach to organizing words and data has underpinned her academic success as well as her career initiatives.

She earned her undergraduate degree in the Administrative & Information Management program at Ryerson University in Toronto and subsequently attained her Master of Business Administration degree from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, thereafter embarking on a career in finance, investment banking specifically. After 30 years in this field, she returned to Ryerson University and its Publishing program and left the world of finance to pursue her passion — editing — as an independent copy editor working freelance.

Sylvia’s work in finance and its related technical support functions provided her with direct, hands-on exposure to the development and final review of specialized documents, including prospectuses, investment research reports, expert testimony material, client presentations, user guidelines documents for expert systems, and software training material, leaving her with an in-depth understanding of both finance and software development documentation practices and terminology.

Counterbalancing this highly technical work, in a more trade-oriented vein Sylvia co-managed the entire publishing operation of a small niche magazine, The Raven’s Call, which was dedicated to showcasing poetry and prose in the historical, spiritual, mystical, horror, and fantasy genres. This endeavour provided a stem-to-stern publishing cycle experience and called upon her skills in performing managing editor functions, selecting and writing content, copy editing, organizing layout and graphics, proofreading, and handling final physical production. Sylvia thus informs her work with a very well-rounded set of skills and expertise in a significant spectrum of genres.

Partnering with You for Great Results
Since embarking on her freelance practice, Sylvia has sourced her innate talents and formidable background to provide reliable, high-quality, and timely copy editing, stylistic editing, and transcription services for a host of clients and projects in a wide variety of fields. Her proven approach to successful editing is collaboration — effectively working together with authors toward achieving their writing goals.

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"Sylvia has an immeasurably
impressive ability to craft
sentences and to distill core
meaning from the text she
edits without compromising
the author’s voice. In our work
together on
The Raven’s Call,
she routinely created enjoyable
and informative reading from
pages and pages of outwardly
incomprehensible facts and
fancy. A remarkable natural
talent for wordsmithing.”

—Michael Ratt, Co-Founder
The Raven’s Call magazine

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Sylvia McCluskey, BAA, MBA
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Sylvia McCluskey, BAA, MBA
Independent Copy Editor
Toronto 416-707-5764

Email here

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada

Sylvia McCluskey, BAA, MBA

Independent Copy Editor
Toronto 416-707-5764

Email here

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada